Panzacrest is able to directly arrange funds to cover total or partial capital required.

The model can be adapted case by case as a tailor-made solution and can include:

Equity partnership of the SPV Loan with re-payment from energy saving and power generation Ownership or co-ownership of the technologies installed as leased out to the end user/clients

The financial model, payback period and interest rate will be calculated based on the credit evaluation of the clients, kind of technology and solution installed, incentives and rebate available in the market, price of energy and escalation, size of the projects, contribution (if) of the clients and / or guarantees.

Our services are provided directly by our company or local affiliates / entities and / or partnerships Technologies: Solar PV or CSPV, Biogas, Biomass, Co-gen/Tri-gen, Wind and Mini Wind, Waste to Energy technologies, Storage systems and Batteries, LED lights, Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving solutions.